Replicant - Death Call EP - Digital Terror / DTR077

With the summer showing no signs of dying down, #DigitalTerrorRecords rolls out the latest heat with all indicators pointing directly to one man: #Replicant. Drawing up an impressive resume of high-profile label appearances, the Southern California native unleashes proper dance floor ethics with a debut EP sure to destroy any gathering. The #DeathCallEP is a showcase of some of Replicant’s best dnb production to date. With DJ support from some of the scene’s top dogs, the #DeathCallEP is sure to get everybody tuned into the future sounds of #Replicant.

#OnTheDownLow” kicks off this EP with high standard #Replicant fare: Classic hip hop samples, earth-shaking low-end, and twisted analog growls with crunchy drums. This is everything a DJ needs to create an instant need to skank out for anyone within earshot.

#WheelsOfSteel” then enters the battle with straight up B-boy vibes, #Replicant shows why he is known for phat drum breaks with a crunchy set that fills the dance floor before the terror bass stabs rain down from above. This is a seriously dangerous roller.

#DeathCall” Aptly named, the title track sets off the hairs on your neck as soon as you hear the sound of the crow flying above the intro. Invoking the darkest of days with a combination sub bass and grimy mid range, the track pushes it’s way down the tracks like a runaway train.

#HurtNobody” Ramping up the tension with dramatic intro pads reminiscent of an old slasher flick, the listener is completely unaware of what is to come next. Marked with some seriously snappy percussion, this track really explodes once the soulful diva vocal drapes itself on top of bombastic bass and jittery reece stabs.

#OfftheRichter” is the most proper way to close #Replicant’s showcase - Bringing together a grimy MC like UK-based #Haribo over an equally grimy tune. The pair serve up a complete dance floor anthem with infectiously steppy drums and warning signal bass lines sure to leave your teeth rattling long after a night out.


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