Revan - Trip Tones EP - Lockdown Recordings / LOCDIG039

#LockdownRecordings are a #Bristol based label who’ve been grafting to build a roster which stands up against those imprints who were established in the earlier days. And since 2003 this is exactly what they’ve done, as well as taking inspiration from their local scenery and drawing for the artists who’ve helped build the famed #Bristolian hub. Promoting the deeper side of the dance music spectrum, they’ve always adhered to the same paradigm; that’s to offer only forward-thinking, technical and rolling vibes for the heads. Its specialties haven’t gone unnoticed with the independent becoming one of the most renowned forces to come through in recent years within their field and this is something they’ve pushed through an extensive set of artists.

#Lockdown’s next release features #Revan, an artist who first made himself known as a part of the #IllTruth project and who’s also establishing himself an individual identity. He represents all the styles which helped the duo grow an enviable fan base; combining that with the audience which #LockdownRecordings has amassed, #Revan is about to unleash his ‘#TripTones’ EP on a label already receiving support on #BBCRadio1, #Radio1xtra, #Reprezent and many other taste making channels.

The EP begins with its title-tack, taking you through the stripped back vibes of #Revan and it presents his infectious grooves and steel drum work. #PrimalInstinct is then added into the collaboration ‘#MovetoMe’ with #Revan, continuing the vibe and pushing through with his finely tuned production. ‘#Charge’ is another singular offering from #Revan, remaining punchy through its sequencing and freefalling beat patterns; the tracks bassline shuffles through the mix and you’re taken along for the ride. The EP’s finishing cut is ‘#TheBattle’, slipping itself in with a grimy vocal sample before dropping you into a zipline of crashing drums and bass pads which take you through a steppy rhythm. Not only does it highlight #Revan’s place within the wider circuit, but it also shows how important #LockdownRecordings has become to the fabric of the contemporary market. The forthcoming ‘#TripTones’ EP signals what else is to come from such a groundbreaking label.

Beatport Exc: 22nd July


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