Rift featuring Petroll and Cluda - Can't Stop EP - Differential Recordings / DFFRNT023

"Rumbles sprung from silence, growing louder every second.."

Rift is back on Differential with an absolute statement EP. Following his more melodically oriented "Silence EP" earlier this year, Rift takes us down the deep end. His "Can't Stop EP" is filled with growling reeses, harsh drums and an overflowing amount of energy.

The title track "Can't Stop", is an homage to the rolling sound of Bristol. The stepping drums and bouncy basslines are flavoured with Rift's recognisable sound design, making for a unique infusion of styles. "Never Last" is the most melodically inclined piece of music, with a heavy emphasis on the enchanting atmosphere and guiding vocals. This track will grab your attention, and help you float away, leaving all your worries behind for a moment. Next up is "Step To This", which will have a vocal and instrumental edit on the EP. The eerie feeling created in the intro is staked against a rebellious drop, whipping you up and setting the tone for this outrageous track, a serious weapon for any dancefloor. The EP is rounded out with Rift & Petroll on collaborating duties, creating a VIP version of an older Rift track. Petroll's inherent affinity with atmosphere blends perfectly with Rift's style, creating a massively filthy track, guaranteed to pull a bassface or 3 every listen.

If you haven't been acquainted with Rift yet, make sure you do so with the help of this EP. It's an grab back for every DJ, and a pleasure for every listener.

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