Rinino - Loverdose EP - The Dreamers / TDR028

Who is #Rinino? That’s the question #TheDreamers have been asking themselves for months since receiving a half hour mixtape filled with original tracks from this mysterious producer that sent them a tape cassette with his music, shipped out from Lanzarote in the Canary Islands in a blank envelope with no contact or specific return information.

"All he wrote inside the envelope was the tracklist on the tape and that it was produced with Elektron machines and analog gear with which he performs live sets, therefore the contents of the cassette we’re all live recordings of his performances. It took us months of painstaking research and countless weeks spent scouring the web with the keyword #Rinino, but finally with the help of some producers and friends we were able to get in contact with him and sign 4 of his tracks for the label. To this date, he has asked us to not reveal his true identity.

#Loverdose EP is a fresh but old school flavoured 4-track collection portraying the musical journey of an eclectic producer, with clear golden era breakbeat influences. “#Myhouse” opens the EP with ravey samples and stabs, mixed with old school breaks, “#Loverdose” gives the name to the EP and showcases #Rinino’s drum programming abilities, “#Brainways” makes a clever use of famous reggae vocals, chopped up and combined with jungle-footwork rhythms, while “#BadRespect” closes the EP with a final touch of nostalgia for the sounds that have shaped the music and scene we have now."

Beatport Exc: 2nd Sept


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