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When Spill and PMDR met in a studio in Prague in 2017, no one could have ever foreseen just how significant this fortuitous encounter was. After spending many years exploding onto the Czech and Slovak dnb scenes as solo artists and DJ's, Jiri and Peter decided almost instantly to join forces and create arguably the strongest congregation of combined drum & bass prowess between the two countries ever seen.

In no time, they were causing ripples throughout the entire continent with their hugely popular and crafty DJ sets and increasingly intricate and original productions, culminating in the very first advance single from their hugely anticipated debut album, due in 2021.

The track is called Talking, and to honour its title, patterns of heavily techno inspired vocal samples are woven throughout an elaborate maze of synthetic twists and turns any roller coaster manufacturer would be jealous of, let alone most producers. The intro is complex through simplicity and builds up towards a soothingly satisfying climax full of sharp witted synth stab fills and satisfying background epicness.

Just when you think you've heard it all, this rapidly flourishing drum & bass duo switch it around completely into a deep 4x4 vortex into the dancefloor techno realms and keep you there on the edge of your seat, longing in anticipation for the next ear gratifying switch, and boy do they deliver, taking the pounding kick drums and engulfing bass wall on a progressive journey the likes of which you've rarely heard before in your life.

Ripple means business, and with Talking, they put their money where their mouths are. Watch this space, for they are here to stay and with the hundreds of events behind their name and big, ever growing loyal fanbase behind them, they are coming for a dancefloor near you. Watch them do it.

You have been warned.

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