Roel Funcken - Semtinal Convex EP - MethLab / IAES004

#METHLAB_RECORDINGS continues its #INTEGRAL_AESTHETICS series with the #SEMTINAL_CONVEX_EP, the debut release of veteran #IDM pioneer #ROEL_FUNCKEN on the label. Championed within are the sonic ideals central to the #INTEGRAL_AESTHETICS series as the EP unfolds both radiant aural landscapes and complexly spiraling sonic sequences across its 6 tracks.

#NEBULA_MESSIR's vast pads wash over the looping rhythm created in the synthesis of its pulsating bass and cyclic drums, providing a backing for a variety of glistening motifs which unravel themselves from its center. #PYKES_KESSLER contrasts its predecessor with a sharp percussive palette which takes precedence over the groaning reverberations of its bassline in an experience of multifaceted turmoil reigned in by the constancy of its distant melody. #THORN #CACTI thusly represents a synthesis of the EP's opening pair, blending shimmering chords with dense percussive sequences that evolve convergently with its staccato melody for a track that is at once both dense and expansive. #BOYTRON_KOVAX features a collaboration with #RECUE and unifies a disparate grouping of ideals within its span, moving between moments of mania and lucidity inexorably bound by naught but a shared tonality yet concise in their shared existence. Sharing its name with the EP itself, #TITULAR_CONVEX opens with a yearning arpeggio that floats upwards, effervescent atop a wandering drumbeat that slides effortlessly through a realm of wistful strings, frenetic vocal chops and dusky pads before exiting with phantasmal ease. #SAVAREEN brings finality to the EP not with a decisive demonstration but rather with a conceptual remembrance. The track gathers the myriad textures of the EP within the grasp of its gentle atmosphere, releasing them in sparse bursts of reverie that fade into the ether of its pads before closing with a brief drum flourish which rolls into nothingness as though an afterthought.

With the #SEMTINAL_CONVEX_EP, #ROEL_FUNCKEN & #METHLAB_RECORDINGS present a fiercely experimental work born of the joint unity of their philosophies, unfurling the sonic tale of the #INTEGRAL_AESTHETICS series further with its complex sequences.

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