Rowpieces - Beech Grooves Extended Player One - ROW014EP

#BeechGrooves is a series of EPs whose tunes are inspired by a place on the edge of the Isar valley where the protagonist #Rowpieces has been living and working for some time. Surrounded by nature, forests with lots of beech trees, as the title suggests, and the lovely river Isar, with which #Row has been closely connected since childhood, music was and is created that has now reached another level. Not that it's not a typically soulful and melodic Drum & Bass or a world first on the market, but the essence of his work is once again crystallised and more accomplished. According to the motto less is more, these few ingredients must of course meet #Row's highest standards, and every single tune will only be released to the public once it has passed the goose bumps test. The ever-refined recipe consists of solid and easy-rolling beats, subtle harmonies, specially selected samples and occasionally appearing rumbling basses, all combined and blended together. Happy and funky feel-good vibes, but sometimes also thoughtful moods with a touch of melancholy and longing, that's what is offered here once again - it is the very own spirit of the artist #Rowpieces.


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