Salaryman - Deeper Groove EP - ProgRAM / PRGRAM102

Whether it’s been on Ram or the imprints sister-label, Salaryman has increased his visibility as an artist through every high-quality record he’s created. This is something which will continue with his ‘Deeper Groove’ EP on Program, upholding the standard he has presented time after time on both labels, including most recently as part of Program’s seminal 100th release.

With a range of influences stretching from across reggae, trance, funk, hip hop and jazz, Salaryman pulls for each genre whilst offering something different between each of the five tracks. ‘Save Me from Myself’ is woven by softly spoken vocals and stretches of melody, whilst Covert Garden then merges his sounds with Salaryman for ‘Open Your Eyes’, followed by the darker moods of title-track ‘Deeper Groove’. ‘Ocean’ with its keyed piano notes and ‘Soul Relief’ with its sweeping percussive layers finalises the EP. So once again, it’s time to get with the Program – spearheaded one more time by Salaryman and his musicianship.


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