Screamarts - Dystopia Ep - EKOU / EKOU006

We are extremely happy to present the "#DystopiaEp"! As the name suggests #Screamarts created 3 post-apocalyptic absolute bangers that portray his exquisite capacity to create not only music but an evolving concept throughout the whole Ep.

#Screamarts, from Salzburg Austria, began his music career in 2012, and he is known for his dark and melodic sound, which has been featured on #NoisiaRadio, Drum & Bass Arena, and #DNBPortal, alongside countless other channels and labels. Since 2018 he began to really make his musical mark, and he has seen releases on the powerful #BadTasteRecordings, #FragmentedRecordings, #SubplateRecordings, #MajorLeagueDNB, #LifestyleMusic, #Delta9 and the mighty #Blackout.

This Ep is composed of 3 tracks. "#Omen" is the point of arrival to this sound journey setting the tone for "#Lockdown" that meticulously leads to the high energy driven "#Dystopia".

We are very proud of this release and we really think it will be one to remember! We hope you agree after enjoying this beautiful journey through #Screamarts' Dystopian world!

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