SCREAMARTS - The Paradox - Eatbrain / EATBRAIN0137

It had not been long since the first of the Yokai had emerged from the depths of the forgotten vale, but within the endless hunt that had followed time itself had faded into obscurity as the night’s monstrosities had begun to terrorize the human civilizations. Even as more of their number appeared every day, their point of entry into the human plane lay shrouded by mystery, an unknown breach in the fabric of reality from which such terrors emerged. It was this way, at least, until a sole warrior once again stepped foot into that desecrated glade, echoing the footsteps of those who had first closed this portal long ago.

Before the warrior rose a swirling mass of primeval energy, formed of the mystical energies of the cosmos caught in a vortex and held open by the chaotic relation of its disparate parts. At it’s base lay a shattered keystone, still inscribed with abjuring runes that were split in twain by fissures in the rock. Laid long ago by those wise in the magical arts, the keystone’s energies now lay dormant, sundered by the opposing forces of the yokai that it had long kept at bay. The warrior had slain many in his quest to locate this place, but the seal could not be reforged by one man alone. Thus it was that the warrior set out upon a new quest, one that would lead him into countless battles with the most fearsome of the Yokai, as he sought out the lost magics that could rebind the seal and the rare individuals still capable of wielding them. With THE PARADOX churning malevolently before him, the warrior swore in solemnity that he would not rest until it was closed once more.

SCREAMARTS returns to EATBRAIN with THE PARADOX, the follow up to his recent Yokai EP on the label and the beginning of a sonic saga that is set to inspire the producer’s many forthcoming works. Within the EP, SCREAMARTS unleashes the chaotic energy of THE PARADOX across four tracks replete with monstrous basslines and devilish drums, summoning EATBRAIN’s fervent horde to their favoured haunts as his frequencies meet their ever eager ears.

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