Selecta J-Man: Round Here ft. Rider Shafique - Born On Road / BORN024

Welcome to the new 5 track EP entitled Round Here by #BornOnRoad core member and badboy DJ #SelectaJMan. His last outing on the label, The Dancehall Extravaganza EP, received heavy rotation everywhere from Tokyo to Tijuana so it is safe to say there is eager anticipation surrounding this next exciting project.

Title track #RoundHere, voiced by the understated, underground artist #RiderShafique, effectively takes a rinsing #Jungle sound and employs #DrumAndBass discipline to produce a #NewSchoolJungle sound, as raw as it is tight. #RoundHere is the edgy, Ragga-tinged dancefloor destroyer that will keep you drawing for it again and again.

Taking the title track up another level is a world class music video from Bing Bong films that draws on some key emotions expressed in Round Here by transporting the viewer into a paranoid world of inner city life. This is not for the feint hearted but is certainly one for a big screen with a loud sound system.

Each of the other 4 tracks on the EP make their own bold statement and have their own individual draw. The Rodigan laced roller ‘#CussCuss’, the classic Funk hook of ‘#Worldwide’, the moody and tearing ‘#BrukOut’, and finally the collaboration with FLeCK on an old school Jump up sound called ‘#DrumSong’; they’re all soundboy killers and there’s definitely and defiantly no fillers.


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