Shodan - Better Days - Warm Ears Music / EARS020

(24th February 2020, London, UK) Kicking off 2020 with a bang, #WarmEarsMusic is excited to announce #Shodan’s second release with the fast growing Drum & Bass label. This, a much more significant project; #Shodan’s debut album ‘#BetterDays’.

It’s been 15 years since #Shodan exploded onto the Drum & Bass scene alongside industry veteran #DJPhantasy. A string of dancefloor smashes followed including the massive #GimmeDaGal alongside the #OriginalNuttah, #UKApache. After excursions into other genres and with several high profile releases under his belt, it looked like #Shodan was ready to push onto the next level when suddenly… he vanished.

Fast forward to 2017 when seemingly out of nowhere, new #Shodan material started to appear. The new #Shodan sound had a more nuanced, mature vibe in keeping with his advancing years. Releases on #Celsius, #Atmomatix, #AddictiveBehaviour, #SoulDeep and of course #WarmEarsMusic, showed that his long hiatus from the scene hadn’t dulled any of his production skills.

#Shodan has poured all of his years of experience and versatility into the 12 tracks that make up the album, with the foundation essence of the scene leaking through the new signature sound that he has carved out over the recent years.

#WarmEarsMusic is very pleased to be working with #Shodan again, and look forwards to the future. It is an especially proud moment to release such a prestigious body of work into their ever-expanding catalogue.


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