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Siege MC - Intentions EP - Soulvent Records / SV057

In the world of drum & bass, the humble MC is so often overlooked. So when our good friend & resident Jaye ‘#SiegeMC’ Balmer told us that he was keen to do a solo EP on the imprint, we simply couldn’t resist. The Bristolian wordsmith has assembled a glittering selection of producers and fellow unsung heroes to grace his first 4-track project, which we’re hugely excited to home.

Intentions ft. #JessieBowden (produced by #EchoB aka #ColbyBrown) starts off the EP with incredibly crisp, high energy drums and a deceptively catchy hook laying the foundation for some of #Siege’s best writing yet. The title track gives us an insight into the trials and tribulations of a drum & bass MC.

#Heathens ft. #Visionobi (produced by #Curricula) sees #Siege join forces with the Rogue Jedi, #Visionobi, to let their souls’ vent some deep and thought-provoking verses that meander through the eerie atmospherics and haunting vocal samples laid down by lesser known UK born, NZ based producer #Curricula.

#ChampagneAndBattleScars ft. #MCFava (produced by #Hiraeth) more of #LiquidDnB’s household names feature here to provide some sun drenched, feel-good vibes that will certainly get some air time at festivals. #MCFava complements #Siege brilliantly, reminding us whatever life brings us, drum & bass can heal even the deepest wounds.

#Overdue (produced by #Hiraeth) has a title befitting the release of a 4 track EP from #SiegeMC. Rounding out the EP with a silky liquid roller, #Siege invites us to settle down to his approach on living the music lifestyle over a dreamy, piano laden tune produced by up and coming producer Hiraeth.

Get your hands on some sublimely scribed stanzas to supplement your Summer.