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Silent Storm And Sense - Hot Up The Radio EP - Kartoons / KARDIGI0120

Long time scene veteran #DJSense teams up with #SilentStorm for their joint #Kartoons release ‘#HotUpTheRadioEP’. A wicked selection of tunes ranging from tough jump up to feel good bangers.

Uplifting vibes kick off the EP with ‘#AwayTheyRoll’. A fine mixture of breakbeats, sneaky filtered Amens and sweeping bass that almost has a certain nod to classic #HighContrast. Slap is a well known hip hop sample and it’s one polished end product.

Incoming dub business as the title track ‘#HotUpTheRadio’ kicks the gas canister all over your beloved FM dial. #Sense is obviously no stranger to the airwaves which has obviously provided some kind of influence here. Memorable vocals with that kicked back vibe - fire!

Everyone loves the term dark right? Darkside business, darkside bass, just plain darkside? Unsurprisingly ‘#TheDark’ slaps everything at you at once - the trusty vocal sample, growing low end, knee slapping snares, you know the drill.

#TheGame’ is an onslaught of narly bass notes, twisting risers and filters out breakbeats. It’s frantic pace is certainly fitting with the Kartoons label and has been a favourite of Nicky’s since it’s first road test.

20 releases in and we are only just getting started! Big shout to all the artists, music lovers, ravers and everyone in between who has supported the label thus far.