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Slix - The Pennywise E.P - Twist Recordings / TWIST004

"Don't you want a balloon? I'm not supposed to take stuff from strangers"... Well on this special occasion you can definitely get your dancing shoes on and take these bouncy bangers from Twist Recordings' next release. Bringing fire to the dark is Slix on production with these jumpy rolling heaters from The Pennywise E.P!

First up we have Pennywise. The intro drags you into the depths of the underground tunnels! The punchy stabs grab your attention from the get go and what follows is the rolling bassline that switches up every 16 bars. Don't think you could ask for much more, get your popcorn out and get jumpy!

1,2.. Slix is coming for you 3,4.. there's some bass at your door 5,6.. better buy the E.P quick! This ain't your usual nightmare on "Elm Street", this one will keep you awake for different reasons. Bringing that high energy to the dance with this floor filler. The rolling drum pattern and sizzling high hats fully go in on this track! This one will defo leave a mark in your soul with that fresh bass wobble!

Welcome to the dark side, next up we have "Darkman". This head twister will have your endorphins popping out all over the gaff. The intro brings an old skool vocal sample and plucky synths that sound like they have come straight out of a horror movie. The drop has the rolling drum patterns we all know and love and a switchy head bouncing bass can make anyones frown turn upside down.

This is what you usually say when your stuck in traffic and some drivers cut you up... "Stupid Bastard" is an absolute face melter and will have you shouting yaaa bastard when this one drops! The tracks starts like you're in a game of Tetris with a very arcadey feel. So many Elements have been on full display in this track from hard hitting stabs to a wompy bass, switch up galore!. I'll let this one take you on your own journey. Proper Twistyyyy!!

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