Smooth & DC Breaks - Out There EP - Korsakov Music / KRSKV031

All it takes is three magic words. Whisper them to the right person at the right time in the right place and new worlds will open out before your very senses. Your heartrate will increase. You’ll experience nerves, excitement and a sense of childlike wonder. Your life will never be the same again.

Those words? ‘Let’s collab bro’…

Every minute somewhere in the world these words are being uttered. On the DMs, on the forums, on emails and the green rooms. It’s where DC Breaks and Smooth shared their magic moment (Roxy, Prague, 2017 to be precise). Now they have over 10 incredible collabs to their name.

You already know the power at play here. Both acts are renowned for sculpting dancefloor dynamite and they’ve already dropped two epic collabs since that magic moment on Eatbrain and Ram. Now comes their first full collaborative EP. It comes courtesy of Korsakov Music and it’s their biggest EP to date. Make way for the ‘Out There’ EP: four tracks of absolute tag-team tear-up gold, this is EXACTLY the type of D&B we've been craving all these strange and turbulent months: Full-throttle, intergalactic, planet-bouncing, nuclear badassery tailored strictly to make you go bonkers.

Each track hits hard: ‘Out There’ shoots us to the stars with lightspeed momentum, ‘Fu Manchu’ blasts us back down to earth twice as quickly, ‘Chainsaw’ featuring Coppa is a slab of certified riff insanity while ‘Original Soundboy’ taps into a swaggering rave energy source that’s universal across the generations and subgenres.

Four different vibes, four different ways to be pummelled into space-bound submission, four different ways the sonic fusion of Smooth and DC Breaks. They’ll open up new worlds to you. They’ll make your heartrate increase. They’ll trigger nerves, excitement and a sense of childlike wonder. And they came into existence thanks to three magic words. Let’s collab bro….

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