Sumo Music 01 – VA Compilation - Spaghetti United Music Opera / SUMO01

Spaghetti United Music Opera arises from a need for collectivity. Bologna based shaking-heads joined together, believing in sharing and in that sense of belonging only music can create, staking more than heart in the drum and bass game. First tasks are to create new music, new spaces, new scenarios for Italian raving culture, with the aims to connect and build bonds with different realities worldwide. Spreading the vibe is our mission and now we are proud to introduce you our first weapon:

Sumo Music 01 – VA Compilation. Dropping on September 21st, it is a collection of eight incredible tunes from crew members and friends. Deep sounds and rolling beats meet a dark and disturbing atmosphere, with a rawness of flow that runs together with a very clean roundness.

Up first is "#Vucciria" from #Hilarity and the youngest crew members #NoxiousSound, blends the atmospheres from Sicily streets with a juicy jumping beat: a breath of freshness in the dancefloor every time you play it. "#Diazepam", a deep and murky track from the Manchester producer #LaoWai, an anxious dream of flowers and razor blades that leads you in that black space between reality and imagination.

#Wave, #Souldier, #DrKick and #Martin unleashed "#Pizza", a sick tune coming from Bogotà, the DnB capital of Latin America, taking us back to the 90s: an energetic atmosphere winking to the old school sound. One word: Rave! Maybe you have already heard something about #Asura, this very talented bad boy joined #SM01 with "#Steppy", a techy and bouncing futuristic bomb that makes you shake your butt as soon as you press play. Voices from other galaxies and a fatty bass that hits you like a gun: "#AncientTemple", an heavy and mental tune from the young Serbian producer #Arxiva, creating a fantasy world inhabited by ghost aliens and monster fairies. #Röfra makes his home debut dropping another banger tune: "#Focus", a nervous drum in a dark setting, like a lighting storm in a black scary night.

#Kappasaur transported us into a deep walk in an urban jungle with "#Lucky Strike", dancing to the rhythm of tribal drums and computer beats: get carried away!

The final tune is a dancefloor weapon coming from #Frame, "#Got" is a wise blend of footwork and halftime with a clean and sharp look.


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