Symplex - Sonar / The Enemy - Red Light Records /RLDIG049

#RedLightRecords are a label whose roots are firmly planted in the darker world of drum & bass. Over years they’ve been crafting their reputation, release after release, only putting forward the most cutting-edge music which their label head #Optiv has sought out from every corner of the drum & bass world. #Optiv himself has his own show stopping reputation, the type of which has made him a pivotal part of the genre’s fabric as part of the #C4C outfit. It’s this experience which has helped him become a trend setter within his field, giving him the eye for A&R which has enabled him to pick out artists like #Symplex, who’s about to add his own take on the #RedLight sound. #Symplex hails from the drum & bass microcosm of Czech Republic, a country well known for putting on huge events throughout their vast sprawl of club spaces.

After releasing on labels such as #Citrus, #Disturbed, #Mindtech and #NocidBusiness, his addition to the roster of #RedLight will set the anticipation around his forthcoming single on the imprint. Both ‘#Sonar’ and ‘#TheEnemy’ are two tracks which perfectly exemplify the music which #Symplex has dedicated himself to. ‘#Sonar’ begins the ruckus, slowly bringing you up into its first drop; it’s the type of explosion which peppers the music of #Symplex and the records which he has stashed away in his DJing artillery. As the track finally breaks, you’re taken along a bassline running through like a freight train. It crashes across smashing drum sequences and pads of percussion, proving how cutthroat Symplex’s production is.

The flipside is ‘#TheEnemy’, with a hook that catches you between each carefully fashioned segment of noise. It’s another climatic record which highlights the ingenuity of #Symplex’s craft and proves that he’s one of the most exciting newcomers to come from Red Light in recent years. It also demonstrates the A&R of #Optiv and the scope which #RedLight has, something well documented across both its discography and roster. For another release they maintain these levels, bringing #Symplex into the fold for another genreshaping output.


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