Task Horizon - Thought Crime / Adaption - Trendkill Records / TKRUK030

Something which makes #TrendkillRecords stand out is the attention to detail which their roster affords to their music. The London based label, spearheaded by DJ and producer #Prolix, has continued to push the paradigm of dance music throughout his career on mainstay imprints such as #Playaz, #Metalheadz, #GanjaTek, #VirusRecordings and #BadTaste and this is something he’s carried into his own imprint. Just like #Prolix’s own music, #Trendkill sits at the darker end of the drum & bass spectrum and in these shadows comes through some of the most technically adept producers throughout the expanse of dance music. An outfit which fits this prototype is #TaskHorizon, who from Switzerland have brought forward a collection of tracks that have solidified their place within its murkier world.

Their forthcoming single ‘#ThoughtCrime’ and ‘#Adaption’ is no different and #TaskHorizon join the #Trendkill army for the first time with this release. It’s easy to see how #TaskHorizon are so highly regarded across drum & bass, with both it’s A-side and reverse providing an insight into how the producers have graced the back catalogues of labels such as #Eatbrain, #Cause4Concern and their own imprint #EvolutionChamber.

#ThoughtCrime’ is the first of two tracks, beginning the single with a cutthroat expedition of the monikers which #TaskHorizon have perfected. Winding up on quickly flitting note arpeggios and straying hi hats, a final tapped introduction pulls you into its first explosive drop. With each drum pad building then slowly distorting until they begin to break, Task Horizon let you know their conjoined might on this heavyweight track.

#Adaptation’ is the reverse and it furthers the assault, cutting through with the type of sonics which have become an enviable part of #TaskHorizon’s arsenal. With clashing metallics and an air siren like distortion of bass, ‘#Adaption’ once again comes at you with its teeth bared. Following from their exclusive on the ‘#20yearsofCause4Concern’ LP and their ‘#Interlinked’ EP on #Eatbrain, their debut on #Trendkill gets the momentum moving for the projects they have in store throughout the latter part of 2019.


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