Tellus - Landscapes - Locked Concept / LCKDPY004

To close off 2019 #TELLUS brings us the latest instalment of #LOCKEDCONCEPT's #PERIPHERY series, a four track EP entitled #LANDSCAPES. As the title suggests, this release draws inspiration from the landscapes #TELLUS has experienced throughout the writing of this release.

#Landscapes opens with the melodically rich sounds of #InVitro. The track draws on the dry, vast and beautifully harsh aesthetic of the Australian bushland, channelling these elements into a sonic realm of drifting pads and driving percussion. The earthly sounds of #Subduction follow, climbing from the warm and pulsating bass line towards a vivid and spacious crescendo, the structure of the track representing the climb to a mountain's peak. #ShimmeringValley then lifts the energy with jagged breaks jutting out through flowing pads. The beautifully dark #Archelon brings the EP to an epic close, emulating the primordial and seemingly endless stretch of the Pacific ocean.

#LANDSCAPES stands as an integral contribution to the ethos of the #PERIPHERY series, a milestone in the evolution of #TELLUS as a producer, and as an ode to the earth.


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