Tellus & Obeisant - Interlocked Vol.1 - Locked Concept / LCKD019

#LCKD019 marks the first release of #LOCKED_CONCEPT’s new #INTERLOCKED series, which places its focus on collaborative EP pairings of like-minded artists. On display within its first iteration are sonics from two #LOCKED_CONCEPT alumni, #TELLUS & #OBEISANT, who combine their auditory ethos on the EP across four tracks.

#ADORE_YOU opens the EP with warm and motive textures that float atop a recursive breakbeat with ease as a distant melodic line is melded within their midst. #TELLUS then delivers his remix of #OBEISANT’s #INFLATABLE, extracting an expansive tonal atmosphere from the original track’s frenzied harmonies. The rising arpeggios of #CARDEL_ENGLISH_ROSE fade effortlessly as they give way to droning pads and a dense yet relaxed drum pattern that provide the foundation for the track’s constantly evolving sonic landscape. #OBEISANT closes the EP with his remix of #TELLUS#MIRAGE, binding the distant energies of the original to a fleet combination of drums and a distorted low end over it’s marathon span.

With #LCKD019, #TELLUS, & #OBEISANT present the opening entry of the #INTERLOCKED series on #LOCKED_CONCEPT, promising further such dynamic collaborations between label artists as the series continues to unfold.


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