Tenchu - Lenny Carlson EP - IN:DEEP Music / IN:DEEP029

#TENCHU presents his newest solo release on #IN_DEEP_MUSIC with the #Lenny_Carlson_EP, a five track work driven by his umbral, funk influenced sound. Continuing in the spirit of his previous works on #Mainframe_Recordings and frequent collaborations with Breakpitt on IN:DEEP MUSIC, the #LENNY_CARLSON_EP presents a further five tracks upon which #TENCHU displays his deft sonic expertise.

#ACCESS_CONTROL opens the EP with a single word mantra before sweeping upwards into an exacting bassline melody borne atop a strutting beat. #INTOXICATED then trades the precision of the former for a series of flowing sonic textures punctuated by the reverberating interjections of its sharply crafted bass and snares. The titular #LENNY_CARLSON displays electric splash of synthwave influence before warping its warm tones into a singularly coarse & dominating low end force. The shimmering facade of #MIRRORCASE then projects an illusion of tranquility soon dispelled by the rushing intensity of its rapid percussion, and is followed by the breakbeat bravado of #TIC_TAC_TOE as it closes the EP in a flurry of obscure sonics.

#TENCHU delivers five uniquely crafted audio sequences with the #LENNY_CARLSON_EP, synthesizing their multifaceted sonic palettes within the depths of his sound as he sculpts a cohesive form from their otherwise disparate elements.


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