The Year of The Rat - Unchained / UNCH015

#Unchained launches into 2020 with it’s first multi-artist compilation celebrating its ethos and vision for edge-driven sound. Forming part of a new annual release series, observing the Chinese lunar calendar, “#TheYearofTheRat” compilation brings together some of our favourite producers on the label and welcomes some gifted new members into the Unchained family from various corners of the globe -including China, Europe, the UK, the States, Australia and Canada. "UK based artists include #HLZ, with a rare foray into halftime banger land, #Rohaan, delivering his own brand of trappy hybrid DNB and Bristolian beat smith #HØST, with an eclectic pulse-driven masterpiece best described as a fusion of German EBM, Science Fiction and minimal Drum’n’Bass. Coming out of China, we have two of our most prodigious talents, #3asic and #Radiax, who represent the ever-evolving vein of Bass spreading through the region and for which we are proud to be nurturing on the label in the years ahead. Stateside, #DaveOwen, #RootForTheVillian and #QuentinHiatus as well as Canada’s #Homesick bring tasteful contributions spanning 160, ghetto-halftime and juke jungle. Each, on their own, exemplifying the wonderful permutations of up-tempo electronic being incubated in their respective stomping grounds. Then, Italian Trio #Fractale collaborating with Australian outfit #VOE, Dutch export #SupbYao and Austria’s #SenticCycle all step up, showcasing their ability to fuse rhythm, grit and aesthetics into unique low-end half-step gems. To round off the release, #Unchained co-founders, #LyndonJarr and #DanielPower release their first collaboration on the label - a fusion of dark funk, minimal halftime and charged atmospherics. Each year we look forward to celebrating the label’s code of re-setting the ceiling on Bass music with a passion for the dance-floor moving traditions of Drum’n’Bass. We hope you enjoy our first compilation and release for 2020 - #Unchained: #TheYearofTheRat.


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