TOBAX - Blur Effect EP - C4C Recordings / C4CDIGUK060

#Tobax hails from a place well versed in the world of drum & bass. The Russian dance music scene has stood as one of the most formidable across its subsections and just one look at the artists its produced tells you exactly why. #Tobax is one of these artists and after a host of releases on some of the genre’s definitive imprints, he makes an impressive return on #Cause4Concern, a label engineered by the #C4C production collective and the group of producers who shaped its very core.

For decades they’ve been releasing high-ranking drum & bass tracks, the type which have never made room for more commercial appeal and instead put their foot to the floor with all their releases. They’re unforgiving, dark and each one highlights the ingenuity of their roster. This is something which has been orchestrated over two decades, overseen by the figures who created #C4C and upheld its groundbreaking reputation.

The ‘#BlurEffect’ EP features brand new selections from #Tobax and it also breathes new life into already well loved music. Beginning the package is ‘#BlurEffect’, the EP’s namesake and a track which cuts through to its very core with chiselled drum sequences and snapping jaws, totally enveloping you in its gyrating streams of sound. The next track unleashed is ‘#Levelcrusher’, which takes you through slab after slab of bass, until you’re introduced to its first breakdown, the type which cascades between spitting beats and punching drums.

#Tobax then takes on the soundtrack of #Gydra, pulling for his arsenal of weaponry and delivering an unsteadying blow. Whilst it pays homage to the roots of drum & bass in Russia, held strong by names like #Gydra, it shows the new breed who are pushing through and who have been helped by #Gydra’s undeniable influence. The final execution is ‘#FrozenBubble’, a track which carries you forward with flitting stabs and kick drums which reverberate through the mix. It highlights the diversity of #Tobax, and how he’s able to stretch across a vast spectrum of sound; one more reason why he’s been brought back into the ranks of #C4C and why they continue to reign supreme.

Beatport Exc: 26th Aug


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