Toss-T - Human / Rejuvenate - Divination Recordings / DVN018

April 30, 2021 - Beatport Exclusive.

May 14, 2021 - Worldwide Release

With the ethereal conjuring of ancient soundscapes and an otherworldly call to the great unknown, Toss-T brings claims a newfound chapter in the supernatural saga of the dark divide. The construction of prolific immersion. Braided with care, string by string, an embryonic evolution molds a disruptive execution of divine distinctions. As the orchestral elements sign themselves into the mind and ears of creatures across this treacherous world, this future pioneer of composition will soon puncture the once archaic portals that safeguard the very strands of intercontinental consciousness once and for all. Is this synthetic cross-contamination? Or are we all merely organized bacterium; mechanized beings of wires and flesh, equally longing for a voice to come home to. Do bacteria dream? Hm.

An angelic hymn fastens itself to a haunting, but omniscient sonic compound, completing an intrinsic circuit of longed foreign familiarity. As the cohabitation takes form, a beautiful synergy of nuanced galvanization and synthesized-beauty floods the sky with outcries of hope through defeat. Pummeling war drums that paint the path of a calculated war-ridden wonderland, reluctantly- paired with the suspiciously introspective silent cry of old souls everywhere. What are we but a beautiful encapsulate of what is, what are, and what can be; Human.

Rejuvenating the visages of what used to be a benign renaissance. Carefully reanimating a thirst for understanding, through a stoic-told prophecy of sound. Toss-T engineers an unforgivably-bold unison of celestial stories. With a tucked jaw and an unbroken wielding of instrumental harmony, this new prodigy may become the one that unites us all. Fixated uncertainty. Unbound chaos. Human Rejuvenation. Divination. Who will lead us all?



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