Trauma DBC - Vast Universe E.P - Train Recordings / TRAIN046

Up next we have a hard hitting 4 track debut solo EP from Cambridge based DJ & Producer, Trauma DBC.

Trauma DBC - Vast Universe:- Opening up with some spacey sci--fi pads, and a solid, stepping drum kit which takes you through to the drop where the title tracks vocal comes in. Followed by a filthy bass hook that will keep you locked in time and time again, it's a vast universe!

Trauma DBC - Spirit & Soul:- Rolling into track two we have this badman number. Starting off with a minimal intro of some bitcrushed pads, a bongo and some vox fx that build up with the kick drum to create suspense. Moving forward with crisp drums and a thick sublow bass riff, complimented by the vocal effects that will keep you in the groove.

Trauma DBC - Blueberry & Banana:- Definetly the most minimal intro of the EP, it's short and sweet but effective. Straight into the wobbles and dirty reese bass business, accompanied by beats that chop and change from minimalist to old breaks throughout.

Trauma DBC - Request Line:- Last but not least we have Request Line, from the beginning it's clear to hear the old school influence in this one, from the jungley pads and mentasms, to the low warping subs. Not forgetting the totally wicked vocal sample!

We hope you enjoy the EP, and keep it locked for what's up next!

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