Treega - Haido EP - The Dreamers / TDR030

#Treega returns to #TheDreamers with three wonderful tracks. If you are into experimental 160-170bpm music, this EP is for you. The Milan based producers goes beyond the usual drum and bass limits and delivers an piece of work that shows all his capabilities in writing electronic music at 360 degrees. In this EP you can clearly listen how various is the soundscape created by #Treega, who conducts his music explorations looking both at the past and to the future, blending together his favourite sounds to create some unique pieces of electronic music.

#Wannafun” is a 160bpm halfstep/footwork track with its very own flavour, it evolves all along its duration and combines big reese basses with electric drums. “#Haido”, the track that gives the name to the EP is a gem that explores new sounds and combines elements from different music styles into one very original composition that will grab your attention from start to finish.

#Ppl”, once again shows that #Treega is a very eclectic producer that knows how to blend together sounds and influences from the most #avantgardemusic, together with classic reverences: the track keep changing along its duration, introducing new sounds, always maintaining a very distinctive rhythm.


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