V.A. - Tribes Vol. 5 - Trust Audio / Trust014

#TrustAudio follow up #Trex's immense #TooFar/ #GodDamnSound release (#Trust013) with a return to their #Tribesseries, #Vol5 sees some familiar faces from the #Trust roster as well some new ones. Never shy of bringing in new talent alongside industry heavyweights, this is another showcase of diversity & quality from different sides of the ocean.

Kicking things off are #ZombieCats with #SnakeBite, a delicious slice of neuro tech funk to close the show. #ZombieCats make their debut on #Trust but are no strangers to the scene with a string of big releases on the highly respected #Eatbrain, #C4C & their own imprint #ZombieCats to name a few. #SnakeBite hits hard & has you hooked from the off, relentless in its pursuit to take down all it's prey with one lick. Serious heart stopping DnB, not for the faint hearted & leaves you wanting more.

Next up is #Trex with #Sertraline sheer drums & bass goodness from the label boss. We have come to expect precision & tidy work from #Trex with x amount of vibes & this one is no slouch, raising the bar yet again. From the smooth atmospherics & vocal snippets of the intro to that cardiac arrest drop & the awkward little percussion stabs that completely change the dimension of the tune, along with the groaning bass groove morphing throughout the track, vibes just oozing from every bar. As you can tell, we kinda like this one just a little bit.

Then we have #Trust regular the inimitable #Jaybee alongside #AnthonyKasper who is new to #TrustAudio & making a guest appearance from his outstanding work with #Fokuz. The pair join forces to bring us #BottomLine which is a rolling beauty, hip hop samples, a funky bassline & more style than a Bboy at Dapper Dans, showing my age with that reference but trust, this one got flava.

Last & by no means least we have #InnerTerrain with #CantSeeMe, this one is minimal & political on liquid vibe. Another gem of a track that keeps building with fresh elements constantly surprising you throughout the tune. Definitely one for the rollers & connoisseurs.

#Trust truly repping all corners of DnB with the #Tribesseries & #Vol5 is one to remember.

Exclusive Release date: 07/05/2020 (Beatport)

Global Release date: 21/05/2020


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