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Various Artist - TWISTED EP - Mainframe Recordings / MFR106EP

A label that’s spent seventeen years curating its line ups and delivering music of the same high quality, #MainframeRecordings is back with another EP showing they’re still on their A-game. Label head #Disaszt has called upon many of the artists who’ve played on the infamous #Mainframe stages to put their production against some of the label’s mainstay staples. There are four new revises debuted on the forthcoming ‘#Twisted’ EP, with the full package set to drop in August with each track being dropped over four consecutive weeks, signaling how important the label has become since their takeover of the Viennese club world nearly two decades prior. Calling on producers #Smooth, #Hamilton, #Dorian and #ErbnDub, there’s a sound to fit every listener and one thing can be certain… That this EP was made for the dancefloor and that’s exactly what the EP’s originals were designed for, too.

#Smooth is the first to come forward and his version of #ErbnDub and #Disaszt’s track #Stop has the same tear out power with its drum programming and slamming pads. Slovenian #Smooth has a knack for hard basslines and precisely grafted hooks, something which is apparent as soon as his version ignites.

#RAMRecords roster artist #Hamilton follows with his remix of #Dorian’s #Powertool, a mean old-school roller which carries itself with stabbing bass riffs. This EP has been precisely curated to maintain #Mainframe’s superiority and the old-school rhythms of #Hamilton aids that.

#Dorian then makes another appearance, this time through his own remix of #Kutlo’s #Raw, as nasty as its prototype and channeling the same crackling LFOs. It’s a hurter, something you’d imagine on the set list of any #Mainframe night.

#Araonic’s #Stomp is given the #ErbnDub treatment, starting with the same lulling intro before its chaotic lasers begin. It switches into a midsection slammer, before pulling the curtains on a short documentary of #Mainframe’s history over the last seventeen years. The neck-snapping intensity of these records speak for themselves. It’s once again time to re emerge yourself in the world of #Mainframe, converging the skills of its guests into one EP.