Vici - L'irréel EP - Hyperactivity Music / HYP-028

#Vici’s role in #HyperactivityMusic hasn’t gone unnoticed by the wider drum & bass world; he’s risen alongside the label to become a household name, with the French producer paying homage to the influences which enabled a label like #Hyperactivity to gain the spotlight over recent years. #Hyperactivity has gone from a small, independent imprint to a buy-on-sight label. #Spearheaded by #BRK, the Marseille platform has risen from strength to strength on top of a formidable base of artists. With #BRK having had such an impact on his local territory, it comes as no surprise that this would infiltrate the music which is given a home by #Hyperactivity. #Vici is one of the artists who holds this torch and who will continue to do so with his forthcoming ‘#Lirréel’ EP.

Coming through as a member of the #BassJumpCrew (Grenoble, France) Vici was enveloped by drum & bass from a young age. His collaborations with other French producers, such as #TheClamps, has gained him notoriety, but it’s his place as part of the Hyperactivity roster which has seen his profile grow at an enviable rate. #TheLirréelEP demonstrates why this is, with the title-track ‘#Lirréel’ setting the pace. With strung-out melodies introducing you into the track, French vocals sift through the mix and bit by bit, you’re taken into a deeper bass segment. #Vici presents a different flavour on Hyperactivity, as he lulls you into a false sense of security before flipping the switch.

Up next comes ‘#GuiltyPleasure’, once again drawing you into the soundscapes of #Vici through his harmonious elements yet it’s given an added weight by every thumping kick drum. #Vici perfectly blends the light and the dark, something which is apparent through every cut he’s offered on #Hyperactivity.

The last track is ‘#ThinPaper’, setting the scene through elongated note patterns and rolling rhythms, peppered with a bassline that adds a growling undertow to the track. Each offering pulls together the full spectrum of #Vici’s abilities, whilst adding to the explosive collection which has turned so much attention on #Hyperactivity - one of the most exciting labels to come through in contemporary times.


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