Wardown - Wardown II - Blu Mar Ten Music / BMTLP018


Wardown, the emotive and experimental project from Technimatic's Pete Rogers, releases second LP on Blu Mar Ten Music

Where the debut Wardown album was a diary of smeared memory, musically recounting the author's childhood home and his subsequent feelings of dislocation from it, Wardown II expands on the themes of nostalgia and focuses on our collective reactions to a promised future that remains undelivered.

Using aural scraps from that most optimistically futurist period, the 1950s & 1960s, Wardown weaves them into an uneasily dreamy, bittersweet commentary on postmodern nostalgia. The album veers between otherworldly, euphoric harmonies and pumping, mechanical incantations of promises for a new age.

"Household robots

110-year lifespan

Continued automation

Genetic control

Man-Machine symbiosis

Wideband communications

Continued urbanisation"

Wardown II is a vision of the future from the past; an artist's attempt to capture the performative, rootless nostalgia that infects our culture, media and art.


About the artist:

Pete Rogers is half of D&B Duo Technimatic, releasing numerous albums on Shogun Audio and further singles on a range of other labels such as Good Looking Records, RAM, Hospital and their own label Technimatic Music, garnering acclaim from the likes of Resident Advisor, Mixmag, Thump, UKF and tastemaking DJs such as Annie Mac and Giles Peterson.

PURCHASE HERE: https://blumarten.bandcamp.com/album/wardown-ii

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