WHISPER makes his full-fledged OYO debut with his BURY THEM EP, which follows his first appearance on OYO’s secret stash compilation in January of 2021. Hailing from Hungary, WHISPER has previously released on labels including Weapons of Choice, Zombie Recordings, and Calypso, and now brings his destructive jump-up sound to the mysterious OYO label across four-floor tearing tracks.

BURY THEM opens with PAINKILLERS, a track that brings the sonic opposite of what its name might imply, breaking the EP open with its no-holds-barred approach to sound design. Next comes LIFTED, which propels the listener upwards on the back of its syncopated bassline rhythm. UZUMAKI follows this by slicing through the EP with razor-sharp sonics reminiscent of the track’s namesake martial artist, whilst BURY THEM closes the EP with a boisterous bout of dub vocals, horns, and piercing percussion alike in a final display of WHISPER’s maximal style.

With his BURY THEM EP, WHISPER joins the irreverent OYO ranks in their aim to cause general chaos in the ears of listeners everywhere, delivering a four-track EP full to the brim with irrepressible sonic character.

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