Xenon - Soundboy VIP / Freckles - DLT9 / DLT9008

#DLT9 gladly welcomes upstate Berlin’s newcomer Xenon to the label. With his strong presence in his home state, #Xenon brings his impeccable production touch to #DLT9 for the first time.

With deep influence in the music, #Xenon sound is equally balanced between modern and old school, combining classic Drum & Bass templates with an innovative approach. Both tracks on his debut single space between the classic drum&bass vibe of the title track #Freckles to the half time banger #SoundboyVIP. “#SoundboyVIP” pits tightly chopped drums skittering over top of an energetic bass line and horns, creating a completely urban take on the sound.

On “#Freckles” #Xenon shows his city influence even further with stab games, melodies and an elastic b line completed with classic "#Berlin" style squelches and effects.

Whilst accurately aimed at the dancefloor and listening, #Xenon sense of groove and percussive nuance push his music beyond simple rave fodder and signal him as name to watch for.

Make sure to grab this one and play it loud!

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Mastering: TRS (Kodin) https://soundcloud.com/kodin


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