Zeba ft. Warhead - Bank Rolls - Bagged & Tagged / BNT010

#BaggedAndTagged have once again been triumphant with their mission to deliver dancefloor tracks which pack a punch, something which has always been their foundations as a record label. They take the drum & bass genre and only deliver the tracks which run like a freight train across DJ sets, the type of no-holds-barred jump up which has taken pride of place within the UK Dance music scene. Adding to an already stellar collection of music, #Zeba now takes charge with his ‘#BankRolls’ EP.

Hailing from Birmingham, the producer and DJ has taken in the influences of his local city and has used this to inject the cutthroat ethos he started music making with into his own productions. With tracks on #DubVoltage, as well as reworks for the likes of #SamuraiBassAudio, he’s already made his presence known throughout the wider drum & bass scene and will continue to do so with his forthcoming release on #BaggedAndTagged.

First track #BankRolls’ features a twisting relay of melodies which draws together and builds towards its first set of clapping drum breakdowns, pulling you in before its punching grooves come into play. Standing as a second part on the track list, ‘#BougleBounce’ continues the jumping vibes which have become a central part of the producer’s energy. With beat sequences dipping in and out of the mix you’re pulled along for the ride, tumbling across its ragged bassline. ‘#AlienBass’ then follows the same frequencies with stabbing synthesis and whirling atmospherics, creating a jagged landscape alongside its stabbing percussive patches.

With support from #KMotionz, #Serum, #Heist and more, #Warhead then joins #Zeba on ‘#WalktheWalk’. They merge their two styles to produce a track which represents both artists, whilst also adhering to the cutthroat production which fits into the catalogue of #BaggedAndTagged. It’s the perfect way to end the EP, an EP which will solidify #Zeba’s places within the label's formidable roster.


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