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Blaine Stranger - SASS - Viper Recordings / VPR197

Entering 2020 in a big way, Australian producer #BlaineStranger starts the decade on a high note with new single ‘#SASS’. Following hotly on from last year’s ‘#Tension’ on the legendary #ActsofMadMenVol2, as well as critically acclaimed single ‘#LosingMyself’, the esteemed producer is showing no signs of slowing down with another dancefloor banger.

In typical #BlaineStranger fashion, the track is a high energy tune infused with plenty of sass as the name would suggest. Opening on an instantly vibrant note, the track’s infectious energy is apparent right from the start. An energetic build up paves the way to a drop that is equal parts funky and catchy, with a sassy vocal sample adding to the fun. Animated and bouncy, the track delivers signature #BlaineStranger fun and flawless production and is destined to be a favourite on the DJ circuit for months to come.

Peppy and playful, the track certainly packs a punch with an underlying primal groove amidst euphoric synths and rolling basslines for the ultimate dancefloor bop. Drawing from a wide range of influences and years of experience, ‘#SASS’ is instantly recognizable as the work of #BlaineStranger, who is entering 2020 with rocket guns blazing and serves as yet another strong indication of the quality content in store from the prestigious label.

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