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Dexcell - White Roses (feat. Maddy) - DX Audio / DXA001

#DXAudio is the brand-new imprint from #Dexcell, a production trio who are renowned within the drum & bass world, especially within its softer sphere. The announcement that they’ll now be launching a label will be welcome news for their vast fan base. The dynamic production outfit comprises of the collective talent of #DaveWilson, #SammyStabile and #AdamSmart; already racking up millions of plays across their catalogue, the Hertfordshire project have caught the attention of both listeners and the industry. With their support including the likes of #ZaneLowe, #DJFriction, #Mistajam, #AnnieNightingale, #DannyHoward, #JohnB and #LondonElektricity, they’ve been lauded by A-list selectors and this is set to continue with their forthcoming release. Alongside jumping on remix duties for #EllieGoulding, #TheSaturdays, #Borgeous, #Luvbug and #PhilipGeorge, they’ve managed to cross boundaries with their harmonic beats. #Dexcell have made themselves felt across a wide number of different platforms, including well-loved names such as #Soulvent, #Spearhead, #Pilot and #LWRecordings. However, #DXAudio will now give them full creative control, which will only see their talents flourish. Considering this single only marks the first part of its discography, they’ve highlighted the high standards which #DXAudio will reach throughout its release schedule. ‘#WhiteRoses’ is just the beginning. ‘#WhiteRoses’ brings #Maddy into the mix to provide lush vocals alongside the rolling rhythms prevalent throughout the track. Her voice juxtaposes the record’s make-up perfectly, creating a harmonious balance which gently touches speakers. ‘#WhiteRoses’ manifests the summer vibes which its audience craves for throughout the Spring, with feel good emotions cutting through to its core, only complimented by its instrumental on the single’s flipside. This is the epitome of Dexcell’s music, and it stands as a monumental part of their journey – yet this is just the start for both #Dexcell and #DXAudio.

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