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Division - Betrayal - Delta 9 / D9REC092

Austria is a country full of talents and today we are honored to welcome back on #Delta9 one of his brightest one: #Division.

Slowly building up his discography with one solid releases after another, #Division is making sure to leave an impact on the scene, the three tunes that he has sent us are proof of his skill set.

The dreamy yet dark intro of "#Betrayal" quickly transforms itself into a claustrophobic pressurized wave of subs and tight drums while an eerie vocal plays mind tricks on you. Don't listen to this tune before bed time, we warned you!

The second tune is a collaboration with german producer #Jabba, the title "#Levitation" probably refers to Maglev's levitation as once the drop hits, you'll feel squashed on your seat traveling at 600km/h.

Fasten your seatbelt as sharply crafted drums function as tracks while the ludicrous speed increases and so do the tension created with bass notes and foleys placed with artistry by the two producers.

Last but not least we have "#Crypta", third enigmatic track of the release.

Cryptic as an Enigma machine, the song is all about the commixtion of fat basslines and punchy transients, the atmospheres are there just to keep your mind occupied with your conciousness goes deeper and deeper.

We know you got excited when you saw the name on the promo, now it's your turn to support this talented producer!

Mastering: TRS (Kodin)

Artwork: Dinko Filipovic

Exclusive Release date: 13/11/2020 (Beatport)

Global Release date: 27/11/2020

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