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DJ Rap - Rollercoaster - Propa Talent

Winter is coming and with all we are going through music is changing, the types of tracks we listen to are changing as well as how we experience them.

This is becoming more and more evident with #DJRap's own productions.

Teaming up with #DJSense, We are seeing a more melodic and deeper sound coming from the #PropaTalent Stable.

'#Rollercoaster' is simply beautiful and emotive, with deep dark rumbling Reece basslines that will rip your heart out should you be lucky enough to find yourself on a dance floor. #Rap draw's from her tech-house influence to create a stunning build-up that shimmers with epic vocals, simple, but effective, yet devastating when it drops in all it's originality. Truly a reflection of these times, #DJRap still finds a way to find the beauty in all the darkness to bring light.

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