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Dorian - MONSTA - Mainframe Recordings / MFR115

#Dorian is quickly becoming one of the most well-known drum & bass producers hailing from the Austrian scene. With releases on #ViperRecordings, #NewPlayaz, #InnergroundRecords and more, he’s received a plethora of support from some of dance music’s biggest tastemakers. Whether this is #Pendulum, #ReneLaVice or #Bailey, his music has received airplay at club nights across the world, as well as on international radio, helping to grow his name further afield than Austria. A resident DJ at many club nights, it comes as no surprise that his next single ‘#Monsta’ will be released on #MainframeRecordings, a label which is somewhat of a home for the schnitzel powered producer, where he’s grown his own fan base amongst the brand’s huge audience and scope.

Led by #DJDisaszt, a pioneer of the local market with two decades of experience hosting parties, #MainframeRecordings is a force to be reckoned with globally. Teaming up with underground artists such as #Dorian has ensured its longevity and with #Dorian’s ‘#Monsta’ about to be unleashed through its platform, attention will turn to the label once more. ‘#Monsta’ is the type of dancefloor destroyer his listeners have come to expect. Its epic intro coupled with foreboding slabs of percussion and winding atmospherics open a launch pad for the track. As sirens kick into play you’re dragged up into its first smashing drop, propelled by the producer’s expert drum work. This is #Dorian at his most explosive.

#Dorian makes his presence felt throughout ‘#Monsta’ and it’s the perfect cut to remind you of the energy conjured at any #MainframeRecordings night. Something which will be a welcome return for many fans across Europe who are waiting eagerly for the time they can go raving again.

Beatport Exc: 30th July

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