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Freqax & Brusten - Jet / Warrior - Pulsatil Records / PR #06

Romanian producer #Freqax is a renowned figure, due to a work ethic that is second to none. With a host of collaborations, alongside the likes of #Counterstrike, #Katharsys and #SinsterSounds as well as remixes for #AgressorBunx and #Anatomix, his name is a frequent guest in catalogues across the drum & bass genre’s full spectrum. His standalone offerings have also seen him rise to notoriety, with his LP ‘#MeanttoBelieve’ receiving support from #Noisiaradio, alongside club play from an array of DJs, including the #Upbeats, #Dieselboy, #Misanthrop, #Jade and #EvolIntent. With a production standard that has seen him standout many times against his counterparts and a creativity which knows no bounds, the devastation which he has caused the wider scene through his slick selections has gained him an enviable fan base. When listening to the tracks he’s dropped through his own self-release platform this comes as little surprise.

Despite having releases on imprints such as #PRSPCT, #Othercide, #Algorythm, #YellowStripe and #ForbiddenSociety, #Freqax wanted to branch out, giving himself full control over his work. And when considering the two brand new deliveries he’s about to offer his audience, it’s easy to see how he’s garnered such an impenetrable reputation over the years. Bucharest based #Brusten joins him for this next single, ‘#Jet / #Warrior’, with the two producers perfectly melding their styles and this results in another meticulously chiselled release on the groundbreaking podium which #Freqax has created for himself.

The single’s a-side is ‘#Jet’ is a refined offering from the pair; with honed drum sequences and a bassline which adds to the track’s groove alongside its clicking snares, ‘#Jet’ demonstrates that you don’t have to lose a track’s impact to ensure its danceability. The reverse ‘#Warrior’ follows this same pattern, with each beat flurry carrying the record’s dynamic sonic twists, providing the switches that keep it interesting. Both #Freqax and #Brusten prove their weight with this release. Demonstrating that the Romanian drum & bass eco-system is as healthy as ever.

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