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J Plates - New Perspectives EP - Omni Music / OmniEP187

Riding on the coat tails of previous #JPlates #SkalatorMusic release #TheRelic / #LiquidMetal (which received glowing reviews and support from the likes of #ASides, #OffworldRecordings (5*'s), In-Reach London (10/10), Everyday Junglist (5*'s), DNB Dojo, Emplate Radio (5*'s), and Spectrum Dublin (5*'s) to name a few), the New Zealand born (UK based) producer makes a solid and welcomed return to the #OmniMusic staple with a brand new release titled: #NewPerspectivesEP.

"#JPlates is back on #OmniMusic, and ready to make up for lost time. He presents us with 5 tracks of varied Jungle sounds, blending beautiful harmonics with classic breaks to create a timeless work of art.

He shows his dexterity in keeping oldschool sounds fresh, with his own take on the genre, so expect dance floors to shake when these hit the speakers.

#JPlates will return very soon with more modern takes on #Jungle." - Chris Wright @ Omni Music UK

Track listing

1. A Clearing Of Shadows

2. New Perspectives 3. Sleepwalking 4. Between The Lines

5. Trouble

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