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Katharsys - Metallicity Remixed Part 1 - Othercide Records / OTHCDKR001

#Katharsys is a name already firmly etched into the #Othercide annals, having released his widely received '#Metallicity' LP back in 2016. Fast forward to 2020 and it's time to fire up the reactors with a slew of new remixes spread over four speaker-busting EP's! These tracks will span the genres of Drum & Bass and Hardcore, with the recent competition winners being included on Volume 2 and Volume 4.

First up, Bosnian native and production savant, #Billain, takes aim at '#PsychosisVIP'. Eerie, industrial pads pave the way to a system-thumping drop, executed with the engineering precision that has become the hallmark of any #Billain release. Old skool drum edits, cool synths and enough energy to fuel a rocket, this track has it all.

Next stop, Berlin! #CurrentValue: a man renowned for his rich, deep back catalogue and incredible production skills, both of which being the envy of many. Already a staple in the #Othercide camp, Tim returns and dials things up to 11 with his blistering remix of '#Slope'. Everything you'd expect from a #CV track with his trademark drums and searing b-lines; enough to tear a whole in the spacetime continuum.

Another member of the Othercide family, Disprove, makes a welcome return, this time to take his hand to 'Magnitude', and he does so in outstanding fashion! Doom-esque intro soundscapes and a drop that firmly puts the funk into Neuro. Sexy filter work and edits throughout keep the listeners interests firmly piqued.

And finally, we head over to the Netherlands where scene stalwart and #OthercideRecords compadre, #SinisterSouls takes '#GalacticSubduction' to a whole other level. Razor sharp intro FX, complete with searing leads gives way to a militant signature #SinisterSouls drop. Aimed squarely at the Neuro gang, this one is guaranteed to ignite any dance floor.

Release Date: August 14th, 2020

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