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Loggi & Chakra Blue - Flashback - M Ocean / MOC015

Hot on the heels of his wicked remix of DnA’s '#Dreams', #Loggi is back showcasing a different side to his production skills.

Lyrics co written by good friend of #MOcean, the awesomely talented #Spoonface who has topped the charts with Barry White smash “#YouSeetheTroublewithMe” by #BlackLegends, as well as other collabs’ with the likes #DJAndy, #HighContrast, #Deekline & #Wizard, #IllLogic & #Raff. When #Spoonface isn’t singing you can find him acting with features in EastEnders to Star Wars.

#Loggi is forever exploring what the Drum & Bass/Jungle genre has to offer and here at #MOceanRecords we are always excited to hear what he comes up with next.

“#Flashback” reminds us all why we are huge fans of his music. Hitting things off we have the jungle mix, a real hype weapon, that starts with an awakening intro and rolls into a classic #Loggi production progression of bursting, punchy drums and a no nonsense bass melody while the irresistible vocal harmonies of #ChakraBlue develop, creating a mesmerising template for things to come.

Next up, #SpannerintheWorks steps up with a main room dance floor remix taking energy levels to another high, delivering an immense 'hands in the air 'moment as Spanner delivers a decisive, power house element to the proceedings, spinning his sound towards the main stage while at the same time keeping to his underground musical roots and that ever present, eternal summer vibe.

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