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Malux & Prolix & Jakes - Flip Out - Trendkill Records / TKRUK033

For their next release #TrendKill have delivered an astounding one track single and the names included on this single are the reason why they’ve become such a formidable part of the drum & bass scene. Bringing together #Prolix, #Jakes and #Malux, the combination of such heavyweight artists will send shock waves across the entire genre, although individually they’ve all made their own impact through formidable catalogues. And bringing them together will prove just as destructive. With each artist representing a different part of the landscape and delivering attributes which will make this forthcoming cut such an influential offering, #TrendKill was the perfect home for such a combination of figures. With its deep history, spearheaded by veteran Prolix, they’ve once again highlighted to fans why they’re a force to be reckoned with. And their new single ‘#FlipOut ‘certainly does this.

Whilst #Malux delivers his cutthroat, contemporary blend of darker elements, #Prolix pushes the production standard he’s honed since the start of his career and Jakes comes through with the Bristolian vibes that have helped him become such a multi-faceted addition to any roster. ‘#FlipOut’ is exactly as you’d expect, coming into play with an epic layering of atmospherics before #Jakes renowned vocals kick start the first part of its climatic breakdown. Step by step you’re taken into its first drop, one peppered with fore-telling sonics, before the listener is catapulted into its chaos. However, this is cleverly built chaos, with every single element pulled together in a complexity which only artists like #Prolix and #Malux can master. There’s a hook which cuts through each perfectly manufactured segment and you become acutely aware of just how skilled both producers are. ‘#FlipOut’ doesn’t bend over to the more mainstream drum & bass sounds which flood radio and instead stays true to the heritage of #TrendKill. Although with Prolix leading the charge for the next part of their discography, this was to be expected.

Beatport Exc: 21st Oct

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