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Manikin and Imba - Brought Into Focus EP - Soul Lab / SL009

Another breakthrough has been reached at the lab! Our latest musical, soulful and boundaries breaking accomplishment has come from an upcoming scientist. We’ve flown him over all the way from the land down under to help us out in the #SoulLab. He goes by the name of #Manikin, and has worked on projects for other organisations like #Lifestyle, #Mainframe, #Delta9, … What really stands out when going through his previous studies, is his work on reece and sound design, it’s as distinctive as it’s dirty. Yet he often finds a way to keep soul and melody flowing harmonically with the grittiness of his bass sounds. With “#BroughtIntoFocus”, #Manikin cooked up a brew for us that really does bring this crisp synergy of both grit and soulfulness in full effect. Drinking it takes your soul on a ride for the first minute, into a zone of pure bliss, building up to a first climactic moment where it all falls into place, rolling drums and powerful sub carries the mind into the first section of the drop. Between all this beauty, some hints of aggression get teased, as the ride evolves to the second section of the first drop. That’s where the whole ride thrown in a higher gear. The madness reveals itself, as that distinctive sound design of the scientist gets centre stage. Without losing its harmony with the track so far, Manikin forces you to put a bass face on, as you try to hold back the screams of both excitement and acknowledgement for this scientist’s creativity.

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