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Mountain - Cold Breath EP - Soulvent Records / SV061

With recent releases on #HighTeaMusic and #InfluenzaMedia, now returning to #Soulvent with a formidable 4 track EP, we gladly welcome back one of our most exciting producers: #ShigetaKamiyama AKA #Mountain. Fresh from collaborating with another of Japan’s hottest drum & bass exports #Makoto on his new album #TomodachiSessions, #Mountain firmly reminds us why his production is so enjoyable with his new EP, entitled #ColdBreath. The producer’s playful approach to the genre is fully explored throughout the project, and was certainly worth the wait.

The opening acoustic guitar intro of #Stillness brings a cathartic energy, later accompanied by subtle percussion and atmospheric sounds. The result is a chunky cacophony of high quality drum sections, warm synths and thrumming sub bass. This feel-good number is certain to bring smiles and energy on the dancefloor with its flute-like melody drop rounding out the track perfectly.

Title track #ColdBreath releases its way into a tasteful, moving chord progression, where jazz-tinged piano gives way to #Mountain’s satisfying sliced vocal cuts. The huge lead synth is backed by a Rustie-esque mix of drums and arpeggiated awesomeness, resulting in a seriously satisfying halftime groove.

#Roar has a serene and warming intro that belies what is to come. Plucking synths and measured, twanging strings bubble nicely. The drop brings the familiar deep bursts of synth that we have seen on previous #Mountain releases and catchy, high-end top line that seems to reach for miles.

Lastly, #Supernova bursts into life with punchy drums and a relaxed organ melody. The 32-bar breakdown before the first drop takes you on a journey, culminating in an expansive drop that is littered with drawn out progression. Filled with glistening melodies, contrasted with a solid syncopated bassline, this track is sure to bring the twinkle to any ravers eye.

Available in all good stores on the 18th of October, we recommend you sample the dizzying heights of this latest offering from #Mountain.

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