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#OZMA makes his #NEUROPUNKRECORDS debut for #NRPNK006, bringing his unique fusion of jump up and neurofunk styles to the label for the aptly named #KILLAHEP. As a longtime veteran of the Russian drum & bass scene #OZMA has operated out of Saint Petersburg for over ten years, during which time his works have seen releases on labels such as #Playaz, #SerialKillaz, and #TimeofNightRecordings. Now, he joins the growing ranks of the #NEUROPUNKRECORDS label alongside fellow Russian artists such as #Gydra, #TeddyKillerz, and #Mizo, presenting a four track display of his sonic power for #NRPNK006.

#KILLAH opens the EP of the same name with introductory flair courtesy of its brash horns and distorted vocal sample before launching into a rapid pattern of modulated basses topped with scattered synths and sliced up vocal segments. #GETDOWN follows this with a set of singularly odd tonalities, refracting the sonic character of the surrounding sounds through an aberrant mid frequency melody. Next comes #JAZZTIME, which amplifies the importance of the second half of the word “#Neurofunk” with snippets of brass and upright bass amidst the massive weight of its devastating low end. #UNKNOWNLANGUAGE then closes the EP with a decisively tech focused edge as the steady rhythm of its bassline cuts through an indecipherable vocal sequence atop an unstoppable percussive rhythm.

With the #KILLAH EP, #OZMA displays his years of experience in the Drum & Bass scene on the recently founded #NEUROPUNKRECORDS label, delivering four tracks unified by his fusion of the genre’s myriad tonal palettes for #NRPNK006.

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