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Remixed Vol.1: Joe Ford, Levela & Crissy Criss - Neuropunk / NRPNK007

#NeuropunkRcords takes a retrospective for their latest release, reimagining a selection of tracks from their past releases for the first entry in their #NeuropunkRemixed series. Featuring original tracks drawn from the catalogues of #NeuropunkRecords heavyweights including #Mizo, #Gydra, & #TeddyKillerz, and reimagined by #JoeFord, #Levela, & #CrissyCriss, #NeuropunkRemixedV1 delivers a trio of tracks that span a wide portion of the Drum & Bass world for the label’s first such collaborative effort.

#JoeFord steps up first to add his spin to #Mizo’s sinister #MechanicalPaw, wherein he wastes no time in unleashing an unending torrent of lashing low end frequencies that send the already furious track into an expertly overdriven frenzy. Next comes #Levela’s remix of #Gydra & #TeddyKillerz’ track #MilesHigh from the label’s standout first release. Playing up the tracks funk fueled flow, the stripped back swagger of #Levela’s signature style shines through to create a deviously dirty down low groove driven by the original’s unmistakeable vocal sample. #CrissyCriss then takes on #TeddyKillerz#Mutation for the EP’s final remix, holding nothing back as he experiments on the track’s already massive basses to create devastating reeses and electrified stabs alike as he synthesizes a new form further befitting of its name.

With #NeuropunkRemixedV1, #NeuropunkRecords showcase the full breadth of their label’s scope as they invite three pioneering artists to reinterpret a selection of the label’s most notable tracks. From rolling bassline grooves to high tech neurofunk frequencies, #NeuropunkRemixedV1 sets the stage for further releases in the series as the #NeuropunkRecords catalogue continues to grow.

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