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TR Tactics - Outlander / No Needs - Trendkill Records / TKRUK038

Having released with some of the finest institutions in neurofunk including #MainframeRecordings, #AddictiveBehaviour and #Kosenprod since their arrival on the scene in 2013, Austrian production duo #TRTactics are a natural fit for #Prolix’s #TrendkillRecords. The pair’s first outing on the label finds them on top form, having recently peaked at number three on Beatport’s drum and bass charts with the #BetweenWorldsEP which dropped in June via #C4C. Picking up where the project left off, “#Outlander”/“#NoNeeds” is a blistering two-tracker, reaffirming their status as two of the genre’s finest craftsmen in the business.

Opening with staggered, rapid-fire basslines and sparkling synth arpeggios, the uncompromising “#Outlander” soon hurtles toward a frenzied drop. Dominated by gnarled, saturated basslines which warp at a breakneck pace, the song is garnished with syncopated kicks, bursting snares and pitched percussion. Making deft use of dynamic range, it lulls into a tense, ambient breakdown before striking again with the same gravity and with a number of new twists and turns to boot, making for an intense number in a similar vein to last year’s popular #Clamps collaboration “#Discrise”.

“#NoNeeds”, the project’s second and final offering, is a less rambunctious but equally striking affair. From the jump, a distorted vocal sample overlays an ominous, delay-soaked arrangement of pulsating stabs, which soon give way to an unflinching drop. The song’s piercing, gravelly bassline is interspersed with intricate percussive fills, throaty growls and synthesised yelps to make for a wholly exhilarating listening experience. It’s no wonder that the Attersee duo have already received prestigious co-signs from the likes of Drum&BassArena, #DataTransmission and #BBCRadio1’s #RenéLaVice, with plenty more accolades sure to come.

Beatport Exc: 10th Aug

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