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Various Artists - Acts Of Mad Men Volume.2 - (Sampler 1) - Viper Recordings

#ActsofMadMen was a release which put #ViperRecordings up into the drum & bass trophy cabinet. Released ten years prior, it featured some of the biggest anthems to come through the genre in one of its formative periods, defining itself as a pivotal part of the #ViperRecordings expansion and proving why they've become an intrinsic part of dance music's history. An imprint led by #Futurebound, they're now entering their fifteenth year, bringing with them another stacked '#ActsofMadMen' LP, featuring a host of heavyweight exclusives.

Sampler 1:

For the full album release of ‘#ActsofMadMenVol2’, you'll be introduced to the sounds of #Ekko & #Sidetrack through their breakthrough track '#LettheLightIn' ft #ReijaLee, now brought through the more contemporary lens of 2020. They take the original and mould it through a new frame, one which introduces you to the original’s sounds and then adds a new dimension through every patch of rising synthesis. The Australian duo make their mark on a classic #Viper album and solidify their position within its catalogue.

#Madface shows his growling underbelly throughout '#NeverSeeYourFaceAgain' which is still underpinned by strains of melody, something that’s become a defining part of his production. Known for his emotive, vocal crescendos, ‘#NeverSeeYourFaceAgain’ takes you down a darker road and it highlights #Madface’s penchant for getting dancefloor bodies moving.

'#FeelingYou' from #AymenValentino ft #AmiCarmine pushes the more euphoric part of the album’s soundscape. Echoing the diversity showcased across ‘#ActsofMadMenVol2’, #Aymen is another producer who’s pushed through the expanse of cyberspace over recent months, proving his weight against his counterparts and landing himself within the illustrious ranks of #Viper. Tracks like ‘#FeelingYou’ highlight how this has happened.

#Showdown’s ‘#Infinity’ presents why the producer is so hotly tipped. He channels the musicality which inspired his craft and adds an energetic, hook-filled record to his catalogue through ‘#ActsofMadMenVol2’, the type of which underlines how he was picked up by the #Viper crew. All eyes are set on the producer as he delivers anthemic, ruminating strains of drum & bass which strike into the core of #Viper’s fan base. ‘#Infinity’ is the perfect example of that.

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